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Shock Airdrop#

DENA tokens are randomly airdropped to landowners. Landowners near Meta Lands share DENA tokens. The amount of airdrop depends on the stock price of the Meta Land company. Closer lands to companies and higher-level lands got more DENA.

DENA Raindrop#

DENA tokens are randomly airdropped to city landowners. Before the airdrop, signs of climate anomaly are found in the city. When the rainfall starts, “DENA Raindrops” are accumulated and distributed to the city's landowners. Higher-level lands are usually subjected to heavier rainfall.

City Advertisement#

Cities are used as advertisements for companies, brands, and crypto projects. City landowners have the right to earn from these advertisements.

  • Advertisements in the city area can be put up through DeNations. The city landowners who are involved with the advertisement will be notified in advance. After the announcement of the land rental schedule of advertisement, 50% of advertisement sales will be used for DENA buyback and rewarded to relevant city landowners within 14 days. Earning token amount will vary depending on the land level.
  • DeNations will release an image editor feature for landowners in the future. After the release, landowners can advertise on the land for personal income. Details on the image editor feature will be updated later on.

Tax Rewards#

DeNations distribute tax rewards to Nation Ownership NFT holders from 15% of the Land NFT sale. For example, 15% of the USA’s land sales will be rewarded to the USA Nation Ownership NFT holders. 15% of France’s land sales will be rewarded to the France Nation Ownership NFT holders.

  1. After every round of land minting ends, 7.5% of the land sales are rewarded to the holders of Nation Ownership NFT (potential territory of minted lands) within 21 days. The Tax Rewards amount is proportional to the number of Nation Ownership NFTs that the holders registered.
  2. The rest of 7.5% will be rewarded to the Nation Ownership NFT holders who connected lands to their nations. The Tax Rewards are proportional to the number of lands that the holder connected.
  • USA Nation Ownership NFT holders can assign USA lands as territories of the nation. The maximum number of lands that can be connected to a nation is limited depending on the total number of D-GDP of the connected nation.
  • Once lands become territories of a nation, lands can get infrastructural support from the nation. This will result in increased resource productivity of the lands and the nation will receive more Tax Rewards.