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Connect to MetaCode Wallet


Transaction/Gas fee is 0 within the MetaCode (Chainbridge) application. Therefore, players must need the MetaCode wallet when paying a registration fee and claiming the tax.

How to#

Step 1. Log into


Step 2. Click the ‘3 dots’ and ‘Settings’


Step 3. Stay on the ‘Connection Management’ page

Step 4. Install MetaCode application on your mobile phone


  • If you already downloaded and set it up, directly jump to step 6
  • Otherwise, follow below steps

Step 5. MetaCode Sign-up & Verification

  1. Open the MetaCode app

  2. Sign up by email

  3. Click the icon at the upper right corner to manage profiles.

  4. Register your face


    Face verification step is required in order to make sure that one person has a single account only and not to abuse fake accounts. Saved data will be encrypted and will never be leaked.

    Look straight ahead, fit your face into the square frame and follow the instructions.

  5. Verify your email

  6. Set up a 4 digit security password

  7. Verify your mobile phone number

  8. Then you can check your digital assets in the MetaCode wallet


Step 6. Service Connection

  1. Below ‘Connect’, click ‘Set’


  1. Click ‘Connect service’


  1. Back to ‘Connection Management’ page of
  2. Click ‘Connect’ for the ChainBridge Wallet


  1. Follow the instructions
  2. Get the authentication number by pressing download icon


  1. Enter the authentication number in the MetaCode app and click 'Connect to service'


  1. Connection completed



Finally, you can freely explore the Market, Tax&Ownership, and Liquidity Farming menu.