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DENA Token


DENA is used as 1) Platform Governance , 2) Platform Utility , 3) Platform Reward.


  • Buy NFT

    DENA can be used to purchase newly issued NFTs. 

  • NFT Registration Fees

    Fees for registering NFT for 1) Mining DENA or 2) Enter Decentralized Nations for playing a game.

  • NFT Upgrade Fee

    Fees to upgrade NFT.

  • NFT Minting


  • NFT Minting

    The DENA owner has the right to vote on which of the new NFT assets to issue among the proposed candidates by Smatoos. Moreover, Smatoos will continue to delegate NFT minting governance to the community, which will be announced in the future.

  • Inflation

    The DENA owner has the right to vote on the annual DENA inflation rate which starts after 4 years of initial DENA launch.

  • Community Reward Program

    The DENA owner has the right to vote to suggest a new community reward program.

  • Proposals

    DENA owners can submit new proposals to improve the Decentralized Nations.


  • Liquidity Farming

  • Tax Farming

    You can stake a Digital Fame Asset NFT token to earn DENA as a reward. The amount of DENA mined is determined by

    1. Individual's DGDP of staked NFT/Total DGDP of staked NFT

    2. DENA reward pool size of corresponding NFT mining pool

How to Earn#


Uniswap Interface

Dcoin Exchange#


4-year Release Schedule#

1 million DENA have been minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 4 years. The initial four-year release schedule is as follows:*FNrfViIVL8CT_o0vv8zohA.png

Fun Fact#

  1. The correct pronunciation of DENA is [dɛnɑː]

  2. Total Supply of DENA token = 1 Million (for 4 years)

    After 4 yrs, DENA holders will vote to decide the inflation rate from 1% to 5%.

  3. DENA logo design is inspired by Rome helmets

    The idea was from one of the engineers in the development team :)

  4. DENA’s initial value was set to 1 USD

    Check the current price of DENA →

  5. Origin of the token name DENA

    The first four letters of DeNations

    The first four letters of Denarius, a silver coin of 100% purity in ancient Rome.