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Art Farming(Farm with NFT)

About Art Farming#

When owners register DeNations Art NFTs in the National Art Museum, they will receive a token reward (in DENA) depending on the Art Index and the registration time.

Until 2022 Dec 16, Minimum of 230.8 DENA/week will be allocated to Art Farming. People will share the above amount in proportion to the registered Art Index & registration duration.

  • The earlier you register and the higher the DENA price, the more yield from Art Farming you can get.
  • The participant will share the distributed DENA in proportion to their registered Art Index.
  • Owners can register Art NFTs in Art Farming Beta (temporary replacement of the National Museum.)
  • Payout will happen every two weeks within 7 days after settlement.

How to Participate in Art Farming Beta#

Fill out the below application form to participate.

If the above form does not appear, go to the link below.

Art Farming Beta Typeform

The application form will ask you to provide a valid ETH account address and transaction hash and guide you on how much you need to pay at last. You just need to follow.