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NFT Reward Policy

Nation Ownership NFT Reward#

Tax Farming#

Register your Nation Ownerships (NFTs) and enjoy tax (yield) farming.


The HIGHER DGDPs are registered, the MORE Tax (in DENA) you can receive.

Founder Tax#

Definition & Source of Founder Tax

10% of the nation ownership NFT sold per week is accumulated and distributed to players who registered at the beginning of the week.

Founder Tax Distribution

Discontinuance of supply rounds. Therefore, the founder tax will be distributed based on a weekly basis. The Founder Tax will be distributed every Monday.

Register Nation Ownerships to Qualify

You need to register your Nation Ownerships to qualify to receive Founder Tax.


DeNations Ownerships & Myanmar Ownerships are excluded.

President Compensation

A President receives 20% of national tax and determines the national policy and executes the national budget.

Art NFT Reward#

Art Farming#

Art Farming(Farm with NFT)

Block Reward#

20% of DeNations Fund generated from current block NFT sales is distributed to the NFT arts owners of previous blocks. The Block Reward is designed to give incentives to two parties below.

  1. Early NFT art collector: The collector who buys NFTs in the block will enjoy continuous Block Rewards for every block connected after the block.
  2. DeNations Art Committee: In order to make the Art NFT of the previous blocks more valuable, the committee (including artists from the previous block) needs to recruit talented NFT artists and assign an optimal Art Index which will maximize next block sales.

Only Block Rewards of more than 10 USD are paid, and blockchain fees can be deducted from rewards upon transmission.