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Land NFT

What is DeNations Land?#

DeNations Land is a digital form of the earth’s surface in DeNations metaverse. DeNations’ earth is divided into 390,000 land hexagons. Each hexagon has its own coordinates (ex. 115,132) and internal properties. The land is represented as NFTs and can be traded in the open markets.

Land NFT Benefits#

  • Certifies that you own the exclusive virtual space in DeNations Metaverse.
  • Upgrade land to have more citizen capacity and resource productivity.
  • Citizens farms resources and provide them to landowners.
  • Earn a passive income from collecting and selling resources.
  • Citizens can bring you rewards by exploring the land and discovering exclusive treasures. Furthermore, when $DENA is staked into the land, landowners will get the shares of $RIUS and treasures found by citizens.

Land Levels#

As the level of Land increases by 1, the rate of resource production increases. There are 5 different levels in the initial stage. The land level is not fixed. The land level will go up when the XP of your land reaches its maximum point. Land’s XP slowly increases as it produces resources.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Rarity (%)≤ 64%≤ 13%≤ 11%≤ 7%≤ 5%
Resource Production (Farming) RateLowMediumMid-HighHighVery High
Citizen CapacityLowMediumMid-highHighVery High
Price0.0154 ETH0.0244 ETH0.0392 ETH0.0628 ETH0.1004 ETH
G20 Pre-sale Price (50%)0.0077 ETH0.0122 ETH0.0196 ETH0.0314 ETH0.0502 ETH

Land Types#

There are a total of 8 land types.

Land NFT

Land Citizen Roles#

  • Citizens are free users of DeNations. They will not have to purchase nation ownership NFT or land NFT in order to earn tokens. The more citizens spend time farming in DeNations, the more tokens they will earn.
  • Citizens can farm resources from the land, and earn $RIUS (in-game currency) from the labor.
  • Citizens can buy different kinds of resources with $RIUS (in-game currency), then mint a variety of Civilization NFT by using the resources.
  • Civilization NFTs can be placed in the land or can be traded in DeNations marketplace.
  • Explore lands and dig for treasures.
  • Citizens can also become a landowner if they mint or buy land. There is no boundary.

Meta Land#

  • Meta Land is a bridge to other worlds. It is a place where DeNations connect and communicate with real-world locations, other crypto projects, and partners.
  • Open for business alliances such as partners, corporations, small businesses, influencers, game developers, and artists. They will be able to utilize the land for daily events, art gallery, advertising space, and virtual booth for other NFT projects.
  • Meta Land and the lands nearby will produce special resources for exclusive NFTs related to the location or the projects. (Project-related special resources are produced only when copyright is resolved through partnerships.)
  • Exclusive treasures will be randomly airdropped if you own lands that are close to the Meta Land.

** We want to create a higher level of synergy in Meta Land through actual partnerships with companies, organizations, and other crypto projects

  • Project-related collaboration NFT and land resources
  • Interoperability of NFTs
  • NFT sales sharing

Learn more about Meta Land Collaboration

Land Territory#

  • Land territory is the land belonging to a certain nation.
  • Once minted land becomes a part of a nation’s territory, the land will produce more resources with the help of national infrastructure. Also, the nation owner will earn more taxes when citizens farm more resources within the land territory.
  • Minted land is not connected to any nations in the beginning, but holders of nation ownership NFT will be able to connect their nations to minted lands. Only holders of nation ownership NFT are eligible for connecting lands with nations.
  • Holders of nation ownership NFT will be able to claim rights of land connectivity depending on D-GDP of nations. The Higher D-GDP the user has, the more land will be available to connect to the nation.
  • Potential nation of land territory: Certain lands are only available to connect designated nations. This will be temporary, and over time, the restriction will be removed. For example, certain lands in the USA will only be able to connect to USA ownership NFT. However, the restriction of connecting lands with designated nations will be removed in the future.
  • Expansion and invasion of land territory: Connecting a nation with any lands and making it land territory will be unavailable in the beginning. A holder of nation ownership NFT would have to check the potential nation of the land prior to connecting it. For example, the holder of Mexico ownership NFT will not be able to connect or invade certain lands that are designated as USA territory. However, expanding the land territories is allowed as long as the potential nation of the lands matches nation ownership NFT.

Land State#

  • Multiple land territories become a state if it's held by an individual person (i.e. same ethereum address).
  • Every holder of nation ownership NFT can have a land state once they connect their nations to minted lands.
  • The name of the state is customizable, but it's not allowed to have the same name as other players.

Token Economy#


$RIUS is the in-game currency of DeNations land.

  • Usage

    • Purchasing a variety of resources.
    • Purchasing Civilization NFT.
    • Exchange with $DENA.
  • Acquisition

    • Land citizens can earn $RIUS from farming and mining of resources.
    • Found from land exploration.
    • Rewarded when the land level goes up.

Land Release Roadmap#

Sale RoundIncluded Nation
G20 Land Sale Round 1USA
G20 Land Sale Round 2China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore
G20 Land Sale Round 3France, Germany, UK
G20 Land Sale Round 4Italy, Spain
G20 Land Sale Round 5Canada
G20 Land Sale Round 6Coming soon