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Art Chain

Art Collections#

Art by Jeon Byeongsam
Art by Jacoby
Art by Jae Young Kim
Art by detox.
Art Open Edition


  • Art NFT is produced by talented artists who collaborated with DeNations.

  • Art series which share the same theme are issued as DeNations Art NFTs and grouped into one Art Block.

  • When Art NFTs are registered in the DeNations' Nation, it can

    a) Earn token reward (in DENA) depending on the Art Index and the registration time.

    b) Boost DeNations' Nation's DGDP depending on the Art Index and the registration time.

    c) Receive Block Rewards generated from future connected Art Blocks.


Metaverse Property#

  1. Art Farming

Art Farming

  1. Art Boosting (DGDP Boost)

    When owners register DeNations Art NFTs in the National Art Museum, the total DGDPs of the specific nation will be increased. How Art Indexes affect DGDP will be revealed in detail at the time of the National Museum release.

  2. Art Open Edition

    • Magic Frame NFT can boost the DeNations Art’s Art Index by 5%.
    • Only one Magic Frame NFT can be attached to one Unique Edition of DeNations Art.
  3. Art Index

    • Art Index is a quantified property of how valuable DeNations Art NFT is within the DeNations’ ecosystem.
    • Initial Art Index is set by DeNations Art Committee.
    • Art Index affects Art Farming & Nation DGDP Boosting.
  4. National Art Museum (Upcoming)

    • Virtual museum where DeNations Art NFTs can be registered and exhibited; each nation has its own National Art Museum.
    • The Art NFTs displayed in the national museum is exposed to users and receive public love and attention from users.