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Nation Ownership NFT

Nation Ownership


  • This NFT represents ownership of the nation in DeNations.
  • 20% of the Nation Ownership NFT sales will be collected as a national tax and distributed to the owners of the Nation Ownership NFT.


  • DGDP is an indicator1 of national power in DeNations.
  • The sale price of the Nation NFT is based on the 2019 DGDP while Tax rate reflects the current DGDP.
  • DGDP is updated weekly and affects Tax(yield) Farming ability.
  • Players can become a president of a country by registering the most Nation Ownership NFT cards.


Tax Farming#

Register your Nation Ownerships (NFTs) and enjoy tax (yield) farming.


The HIGHER DGDPs are registered, the MORE Tax (in DENA) you can earn.

Founder Tax#

Early buyers will enjoy special Founder Tax.

  1. Definition & Source of Founder Tax:

    10% of the nation ownership NFT sold per week is accumulated and distributed to players who registered at the beginning of the week.

  2. Founder Tax Distribution:

    Discontinuance of supply rounds. Therefore, the founder tax will be distributed based on a weekly basis. The Founder Tax will be distributed every Monday.

  3. Register Nation Ownerships to Qualify:

    You need to register your Nation Ownerships to qualify to receive Founder Tax.

  4. Exceptions:

    DeNations Ownerships & Myanmar Ownerships are excluded.

President Compensation#

A President receives 20% of national tax and determines the national policy and executes the national budget.


The EARLIER you become the owner, the MORE BENEFIT you will get.