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City Ownership Governance

City Description#

DeNations City is a cluster of lands that are assigned to be a part of a certain city. City lands have large citizen capacity and production rate.

City Owner Benefit#

  • City owners earn 50% of the advertisement sales for the city
  • City owners can upload an image to their cities (City Billboard)
  • City owners will get occasional airdrops. Ex. New York City DENA Raindrops

How to become a city owner#

  1. One can become a city owner by purchasing a city through DeNations City Sale. DeNations will list the cities for sale and the buyer can request for purchase. Once the purchase is finalized, DeNations will mint all the lands in the city and send them directly to the buyer’s wallet. City Sale purchase request form

  1. One can become a city owner by minting all lands in the city when the competitive land minting starts. In order to become a city owner, the user has to own every land that belongs to the city.