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Virtual world to run a Nation/City, develop Civilization NFTs and participate in various businesses.


Vision: Encourage users to expand the DeNations Metaverse through exploring civilization and recreating it into valuable NFT.

Key Components#


Assets needed to generate civilization NFT. Resources are produced by Nations and each civilization requires different resource combinations to be produced.


  • Cities and nations receive taxes as tokens according to their power
  • the power of cities and nations is determined by many factors, including the productivity and registration status of Civilization NFT.
  • There are Regular Tax paid every block time(14 seconds) and Special Tax paid irregularly.
  • Tax is distributed to the holders of Nation/City Ownership NFT.


  • Citizens explore the metaverse and combine resources to create Civilization NFT. They live in the city and receive resources from the city as salary.
  • Citizens live in the city and own their own space, City Block. They can register Civilization NFT in their City Block to decorate and earn DENA.


  • Cities can collect tax (with DENA) and resources (from their nation) according to their power.
  • Cities distribute the resources to their citizens to help them explore and produce Civilizations efficiently.
  • A city’s power is determined by many factors including the productivity of civilizations and the combination of Civilizations NFT registered in the City Blocks in the city.

City Block#

  • Personalized space where citizens reside and it is a miniature of the city.
  • Every citizen who starts living in the city will receive a basic City Block.
  • Citizens can decorate and increase the power of their City Block by registering their Civilization NFTs.
  • Each City Block can be expanded by paying DENA or owning City Ownerships.


  • Each Civilization NFT series is based on real Civilization.
  • Each Civilization NFT is unique.
  • The combination of the data from the actual civilization, such as Wikipedia search volume, and the resources put in to create NFT series determines the current power of the Civilization NFT.
  • The minting volume of the Civilization NFT Series and the properties of each NFT can be controlled by the generator.
  • Civilization NFT can be ‘displayed’ on City Block, which eventually increases the power of City Block.


  • The Nation can collect Tax (with DENA) based on the Nation’s power.
  • Nation’s power is named as DGDP, calculated by the combination of real statistical data and domestic Citys’ power.
  • Resources, necessary assets for generating Civilization NFT, are produced based on the Nation’s characteristic and DGDP.
  • Nations distribute the resources to domestic Cities and pioneer new Cities.


  • Nation Ownership

    1,000 Ownerships per Nation

    Tax Farming: Can receive the Taxes collected by the Nation according to registered Ownerships

    Nations Governance: Have rights to propose and decide major policies of the Nations

  • City Ownership

    100 Ownerships per City

    Tax Farming: Can receive the Taxes collected by the City according to registered Ownerships

    City Governance: Have rights to propose and decide major policies of the Cities

    City Block Expansion: Can expand the space of My City Block by holding City Ownership