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A platform for running real businesses such as reward marketing, data sales, and forecasting market based on metaverse customers and data.

City Advertisement#

In DeNations map, business can display their advertisement on the city.

Art Chain#

DeNations Art Chain includes major virtues of blockchain, such as decentralization, infinite connection, and scalability.


DeNations Art Chain seeks to build a sustainable ecosystem that enables talented artists to focus on producing their NFT artworks without worrying about complicated blockchain technologies and encourages both collectors and investors to easily purchase their high-quality and valuable NFT artworks.


Art Block is a series of DeNations Art NFTs that share the same theme, issued only when the DeNations Art Committee comes to agree.

Artist Committee#

The DeNations Art Committee consists of the DeNations Artists, the DeNations Team and the DeNations Community, and has two functions. First, DeNations Art Committee is able to select new artists who are responsable for the next Art Block through consensus. Second, the Committee is able to assign the Art Index of the next Art Block NFTs.


Artists who produce DeNations Art NFTs and participate in DeNations Art Committee.

Business Model (NFT Revenue Sharing Structure)#

  • Revenue Share ratio

    70% of the profits from NFT sales go to the artist, and 30% of it is used to run the ecosystem of the DeNations Art Chain.

  • DeNations Fund

    30% of revenue will be used in three ways.

    First, 20% of our share will be distributed to those who hold Nation Ownership NFT that matches the nationality of the artist of each Art NFT. Artists can choose between their real world’s nationality and Metaverse’s (DeNations) nationality.

    The other 20% will be distributed to the nft owners of the previous block at a certain rate in the form of a ‘Block Reward’.

    The remaining 60% will be used for the Art Farming, platform development, marketing promotion, and token economy.

  • Block Reward

    20% of DeNations Fund generated from current block NFT sales is distributed to the NFT arts owners of previous blocks. The Block Reward is designed to give incentives to two parties below.

    1. Early NFT art collector: The collector who buys NFTs in the block will enjoy continuous Block Rewards for every block connected after the block.
    2. DeNations Art Committee: In order to make the Art NFT of the previous blocks more valuable, the committee (including artists from the previous block) needs to recruit talented NFT artists and assign an optimal Art Index which will maximize next block sales.

Only Block Rewards of more than 10 USD are paid, and blockchain fees can be deducted from rewards upon transmission.