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Virtual world to run a nation, expand territory, and develop civilization.


Vision: Encourage users to expand the DeNations Metaverse through exploring civilization and recreating it into valuable NFT.

Key Components#


Assets needed to generate civilization NFT. Resources are produced on Land NFT, and each civilization requires different resource combinations to be produced.


  • Nations receive taxes as tokens, according to their power
  • The power of nations is determined by many factors, including the GDGP and registration status of Civilization NFT.
  • There are Regular Tax paid every block time (14 seconds) and Special Tax paid irregularly.
  • Tax is distributed to the holders of Nation Ownership NFT.


  • Citizens live on DeNations lands. Citizens engage in economic activities by farming and exploring resources, and discover treasures.


  • Each Civilization NFT series is based on real Civilization.
  • Each Civilization NFT is unique.
  • The combination of the data from the actual civilization, such as Wikipedia search volume, and the resources put in to create NFT series determines the current power of the Civilization NFT.
  • The minting volume of the Civilization NFT Series and the properties of each NFT can be controlled by the generator.


  • Nation can collect Tax (in DENA) based on the nation’s power.
  • Nation’s power is called DGDP, calculated by the combination of real statistical data.
  • Nations provide infrastructural support for the lands.


  • Citizens farm resources and provide them to landowners.
  • Players can earn passive income from collecting and selling resources.
  • Lands can become territories of nations.
  • There are different types and levels of land that vary in rarity, resource production rate, citizen capacity, and more.