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Terms used in DeNations#


Calculation of DGDP


You have to register NFT nation ownership cards in order to enjoy the Founder Tax and Tax Farming. You can determine how many cards you want to register. When they are registered, the weekly tax rate will be automatically calculated based on the stated DGDP. When you are the one who registered the most, then you become the president of the nation.


Higher DGDPs mean a higher weekly tax rate you can earn.


President has special privileges and will be compensated a bit more than the other owners.


You are unable to unregister the cards once you registered, but when you sell or transfer your Ownership NFT to other accounts, they will be automatically unregistered.


There are several ways to increase the DGDP of your nation. One powerful tool to increase the DGDP is using the DN card and DeNations Art-Chain NFT. Registered nation ownership NFT can be “boosted” by the DN card and Art NFT. Boosting will increase your national DGDP along with weekly tax rate.


You are able to detach the DN card or Art NFT which were used to boost your nations, but when you sell or transfer your boosting NFT to others, they will be automatically detached from the order of the smallest DGDP.